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Connection to the back panel

In order to fix the panel shelf always securely to the back panel there are several fixation systems available. No matter if it is glass, aluminium, wood or lightweight board - kong always ensures a secure hold.

Material thickness 8-10 mm

  • clamp support, stainless steel coloured
  • fixation of the panel shelf by jamming with the clamping jaws

Material thickness 10-16 mm

  • screw-in sleeve thread M4, for wood-based materials, bore hole ø 8 mm
  • screw-in bolt M4 x 40 mm

Material thickness 16-24 mm

Regarding the wooden panel shelf a full-length aluminium rail provides safe support through the entire length.

  • support profile aluminium E6/C0 anodised, with fastening holes
  • location bolts ø 5 x 52 mm
  • eccentric clamps 15 mm, nickel-plated

Mounting instructions (pdf-download)

Material thickness from 24 mm onwards

  • plastic dowel 10 x 60 mm, version with flange
  • screw bolt 8 x 80 mm, with wood thread and I-star-drive