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lucy - the concept

lucy - draws attention to glass. No disturbing glass edges, no visible shelf supports. But instead a lot of fascinating characteristics.

Exclusive look

A glass shelf bordered by an allround frame made of slim aluminium. lucy appears to float elegantly within the carcase. The secret: special shelf supports that are invisibly embedded in the frame. An experience for the senses.

Highest operational safety

The supporting surface made of 5 mm thick glass is a completely safe installation. The shelf is given extra strength by means of an allround frame made of dimensionally stable aluminium profiles. Thereby lucy is as solid as massive glass with a thickness of 8 mm.

Easy maintenance

With lucy the front aluminium profile is on a slightly lower level than the glass panel - perfect cleaning conditions due to the skilful design of the frame.

Glare-free illumination

Optional LED lighting within the front profile.

The effect:

  • the LEDs give light away from the viewpoint
  • the light is reflected by the rear side of the cabinet.

The result:

  • Glare-free illumination
  • Uniform light distribution