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KS 25 F – ABS plastic with aluminium foil

Metallic surfaces fit perfectly to the clear elegance of modern kitchen furniture. Additional benefit: they are scratch-proof and easy to clean. As for the KS 25 F, aluminium is now in a perfect symbiosis with recyclable ABS plastic. This means: a roller shutter with low weight and the high-quality appearance of real aluminium.


KS 25 F is available in two attractive finishes: anodised aluminium (E6/C0) and aluminium with stainless steel effect (E2/ES).

Bottom profiles

There are two different bottom profiles available.

  1. A handle profile with integrated recessed grip
  2. An end profile for mounting a separate handle.



  • Height of slat: 25 mm
  • Handle profile: 50 mm
  • End profile: 40 mm
  • Cover profile: 73 mm