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quasar – Noble real wood veneer or HPL design

True craftsmanship interpreted in a modern context - this is the quasar. The heart itself consists of high density fibreboard. This will ensure high dimensional stability as well as surface flatness also in case of changing indoor climate.

For the traditional construction with counteracting we use either real wood veneer or HPL design by Resopal®.


We offer the quasar with 4 different real wood veneers.

  1. Oak
  2. Beech
  3. Maple
  4. Walnut

Regarding HPL design the following decors are available:

  1. 9417 Snow white by Resopal®
  2. 0901 Black by Resopal®

Further finishes, e. g. Alpi veneers or numerous plain colours by Resopal® are available upon request.

Bottom profile

The quasar is provided with a 75 mm high end profile.

Alternatively the roller shutter can be delivered with a mounted handle profile made of massive aluminium.



  • Height of slat: 25 mm
  • End profile: 75 mm
  • Cover profile: 73 mm
  • Handle profile (optional): 20 x 10 mm



The quasar can either be used with the smart case or the dyna case.

For an optimal operating comfort we recommend the following application ranges:

                           smart case                      dyna case

  • Width min.:     400 mm                            400 mm
  • Width max.:    900 mm                          1200 mm
  • Height max.: 1300 mm                          1600 mm