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smart XXL - roll-formed aluminium

The smart XXL - provided for the toughest of operational conditions within the technical and industrial field. 40 mm high slats with robust interlinkage. And a special cross-section made of roll-formed aluminium profiles. This means: highest stability even for widest roller shutters. All this with an optimised weight.


For technical applications a neutral finish may be useful:

  • metallic silver.

Unlike with the anodised profiles of the smart plus the smart XXL aluminium will be lacquered in the coil coating process with two layers.

The result: a high-strength, metallic painted finish - of course UV-resistant.

Bottom profile

The handle profile is made of solid anodised aluminium. Visually speaking, it is closely related to the slats. And - it is a true all-rounder.

  • Integrated recessed grip
  • Space for separate handles
  • Various locks


Mid handle profile

We can add a mid handle profile to the smart XXL upon request.

  • Height: 30 mm



  • Slat height: 40 mm
  • Handle profile: 70 mm
  • Mid handle profile: 30 mm
  • Cover profile: 73 mm