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smart lift - the weight compensator fitting

smart lift - this is the weight compensator fitting for grooved-in or attached roller shutter guidings.

2 installation variants are possible:

  1. Guiding to the rear of the cabinet
    a. with grooved-in guiding profiles
    b. with surface-mounted guiding profiles
  2. For grooved-in worm screw guidings

The smart lift can be obtained in 5 different spring forces. All of them are adjustable in many ways. Thereby the smart lift is suitable for almost every cabinet dimension and for all common roller shutters made of aluminium or plastic.

Guiding profiles

The smart lift can be combined with 2 different guiding types:

  1. grooved-in guiding profile made of plastic
  2. surface-mounted guiding profile made of aluminium

Worm screw guidance

The smart lift can also be used for grooved-in worm screw guidings.

The rear deflection unit for the tension rope, which is required for a guiding on the back of the cabinet, does not apply with this this installation variant.